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The United Arab Emirates or the UAE is a federation of 7 Emirates– Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ajman, Ra’s Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al-Quwain. Its magnificent attractions like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and more make it one of the most favored tourist destinations in the world. The cuisine, culture, skyline, and abundance of shopping alternatives available in the UAE keep on asking for more. But the question here is, knowing the monthly vibe of Dubai. What is the best weather to visit in Dubai? Having the best knowledge of the great weather and deals would help you enjoy your travel to the fullest. It would also help in the timely booking of your Dubai visa online. Read on to find out more.

The When and What’s of Every Month in Dubai

1. January

The January afternoons of Dubai are marked with a sense of heat, while the evenings are comparatively cooler. Hence, the month of January renders one of the best weather to visit Dubai.

2. February

In February, the temperature as well as rain frequency considerably rises. Therefore, when you visit Dubai this time, you should come with your bathing suit and proper summer wear. But before all this, be ready with your Dubai visa online.

3. March

Well, if we talk about which month could be the best one to visit Dubai, then it is March. The true vibrance of this city can be unfolded in March with a normal temperature and almost no chance of rain. Furthermore, the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival, which is one of the best festivals in Dubai can be experienced in March.

4. April

April is one of the best months that can be picked up to visit Dubai. The lowest temperature is around 21 degrees and the highest rises up to 31 degrees. The month of April also invites several festivals like Middle East Energy, Dubai Latin Crazy Tribe Festival, and a lot more. With each month offering something different, Dubai is full of travelers all-year-round; and should be explored accordingly. Book your Dubai visa online to begin your journey.

5. May

The month of May is a month of scorching heat in Dubai. If you are in the planning stage of your voyage, then there are obvious precautions you can take and still make the most of your trip. Since there’s an onset of the Ramadan in the month of May, public places more or less remain isolated and eating, drinking, and smoking outside is prohibited. Thereby, May could be one month that can be avoided for a Dubai trip.

6. June

When you visit Dubai in June, you would have to spend most of your time indoors. The average temperature of the month is around 36 degrees. One can explore the shopping malls as well as other indoor attractions of Dubai this month. Although, it is relatively cheaper to visit during this month, considering the cheap accommodation rates.

7. July

The month of July is marked by temperatures up to 40 degrees. However, something to count on is the drop in fares of hotels this month. So, book your Dubai visa online soon and avails the best Dubai deals.

8. August

The average temperature in this is around 33 degrees. Therefore, you can visit Dubai this month and take the needful precautions by covering your head and having a good fluid intake this month.

9. September

This is the month of being extra cautious with your skin and using sunscreen all the time. Although September offers more pleasant weather than August, there is a lot of humidity present here.

10. October

Finally! If we talk about a little coolness and little relief, October is the gateway month. One can have a happy swim time and even explore alfresco dining in this month. Start packing and book your Dubai visa online today.

11. November

November is marked by no rain in Dubai. At the same time, the temperature drops up to 20 degrees this month. The Dubai motor festival can also be seen this month. Moreover, you can also look into the various health conferences like primary health, dentistry, and gynecology during this month.

12. December

Well, guess what? The Christmas celebration in Dubai is one of a kind which again gives you a reason to plan your visit in December. This is one of the Best weather to visit Dubai.

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While it’s fairly simple to get a visa for Dubai, there is a high possibility of rejection if not under the proper guidance. We are done with exploring Dubai best weather to visit, however, the pre-planning and preparations should not be delayed at all. You can begin the application process for a Dubai visa online and we will ensure that your process is completely smooth.

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