Best Time to Visit UAE For Indians

UAE visa for indians

The chances of being able to explore the huge wonders that the UAE offers to tourists as well as business enthusiasts are gradually increasing. Besides enjoying the lavish lifestyle of the UAE, one can also take part in cultural, recreational, architectural, and historical excursions to this wondrous place through the UAE visa. But the question that arises in the minds of a tourist or a businessperson is when is the best time to visit the UAE?

If you are an Indian traveler who is planning to go to the UAE, then the best time to apply for a UAE visa and apply for a UAE visa online from India is from the month of October to April. As the winter season in not just UAE but all over the world is usually more anticipated for tourists, this period marks the best time to apply for a UAE Visa and visit UAE.

During the winter season in UAE, the weather is much more enjoyable than in any other season. The days are mild and pleasant while the nights are cooler as compared to hotter days. The maximum temperature during these months is around 32 degrees Celsius. The tourists will find various activities to do and places to explore in Dubai during this season.

Apart from the pleasant weather, it is the festive season of Christmas, New Year, and Diwali that grabs people to visit the UAE. During this season, the vibrancy and liveliness of the UAE is at its peak. The beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, and pubs bloom with the joy of holidays and tourists feel more comfortable as compared to other seasons.

For business enthusiasts, the reason to go to the UAE during this season is hassle-free. The chances of getting a UAE visa and a UAE business visa are easier during the winter season. As the influx of tourists is comparatively lower, the process to get a UAE visa for Indians reduces to a great extent and the citizens don’t have to struggle with their visa applications.

When it comes to shopping, tourists can save big bucks as they get various discounts and offers during this season. All the major brands come up with exclusive discounts and offer making UAE a paradise for shopaholics. One can also explore the traditional souks and malls throughout the season.

Moreover, Travellers get to explore the opportunity of participating in various activities such as camel riding, hot-air ballooning, and skydiving that add a unique flavor to their tour experience.

Apply UAE visa online from India

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To cater to the growing number of tourists in UAE, so many online travel and tourism agencies have come up with various packages and discounts. By availing of their services, people can traverse a wide array of places and enjoy a comfortable stay. One such agency is Visa2Fly, an online visa agency, dedicated to providing you with an easy and hassle-free visa application process.

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Therefore, if you are planning your trip to the UAE, then the best time to apply for a UAE visa and plan your trip is during the winter season. The cultural, recreational, architectural, and historical wonders that the UAE offers during this season are truly memorable.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get the opportunity to experience the best of UAE in the winter season.