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While in Dubai, it is time to awaken your inner fashionistas and shopaholics. With luxurious tall malls, Dubai is everything that glitters. Hence, it is never too late to pack your best outfits and experience the glamor in Dubai. But what should you do at the earliest? Book your Dubai visa online and start with your never-ending shopping list.

What proof do we have about Dubai being the first choice for shopping? The world-renowned Dubai shopping festival! An annual sensation among locals and tourists alike, the celebration goes on for seven weeks. Every year, the shopping festivities create quite a stir among the fashion gurus.

Are you looking for that stand-out outfit? Dubai is where you should be. Want to shop in the open air? Evidently, Dubai is the answer. A quick heads up- Apply for a Dubai visa to enjoy the upcoming Dubai World Cup and Ramadan celebrations along with shopping at the best spots.

The dream destination for a shopper, this Arabian country is full of unending bombshells. There are several outlets such as the grand Dubai Mall and the Ibn Battuta Mall. Ask for it and they have it. Be it high-street fashion, luxury brands, ice skating, or food outlets. Moreover, you will never come back empty-handed.

So fellow travelers, let us witness the splendor of these Dubai shopping malls-

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The Dubai Mall- Reason number 1 to apply online Dubai visa

When in the mood to splurge, visit the Dubai Mall. Home to over 1200 retailers, it is one of the largest malls in the world. From high-street fashion brands like Zara and H&M to luxury brands like Dior and Fendi- TBM has it all. Additionally, you also find the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Apart from this, the mall has a variety of indoor activities for kids. Are you planning for that much-awaited family retreat? Well, Dubai Mall will serve you right.

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City Walk- Gives tough competition to the Dubai Mall

Heard of Burj Khalifa? Of course, which Indian has not? Well, this beautiful retail location provides sparkling views of the tallest building. Apart from spectacular views, this place offers a range of entertaining activities. Thus, tourists can enjoy activities such as memorable dinners, Instagram-able venues, and trendy movies. Best place for couples to enjoy movies, splurge on their partners, and enjoy the evening. Read more about romantic places here.

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Mall of Emirates- Just like e-shopping, apply online Dubai Visa

Want to stay up-to-date with fashion trends around the world? The Mall of Emirates is waiting. So pack your bags, update your shopping list, land in Dubai, and ta-da. The first shopping resort in the world, it features more than 600 brands under one roof. This place is undoubtedly full of surprises. Owing to shocks, just in. Heartwarming news for the Potterheads. Dubai has its very own Diagon Alley. Where, you ask? Of course, here.

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Ibn Battuta Mall- True Arabian experience

This mall consists of 6 courts. Each of these got inspired by countries visited by Ibn Battuta, the well-known explorer. Book your Dubai visa to start your journey of exploring the wonders of the world. Why should the great Ibn Battuta inspire places and not people? Plan your holiday now to experience this sensational shopping complex. Owing to the greatness of Ibn Battuta, this mall was made after careful consideration of traditions and cultural heritage.

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WAFI City- A delight to behold

In the core of Dubai is a mixed-use complex called Wafi City. Find a unique destination and shopping center with a distinctive blend of dining, amusement, leisure, and retail. This complex has around 250 stores offering great retail deals. Experience the diverse cultures from the Arab world at the Khan Murjan Souk. Moreover, rejuvenate at the spa. Satisfy your cravings at the splendid dining spots at WAFI. So, it is time for the shoppers to assemble. Get your shopaholic friends and book your Dubai visa online.

Shopping, Instagram-able spots, fancy dining, refreshing spas- these top-class malls have it all. Solo travelers, couples, families, and workaholics- these top 5 shopping malls in Dubai do not disappoint any single tourist. A fusion of haute couture and streetwear trends, these centers are indeed loaded with many options. It will take us one lifetime to tour every nook and corner of these beauties. So why not explore the bits and pieces?

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